Rafael Ponce: vocals. ..Mateo Marín: guitar, vocals. ..David Recio: bass. ..Juan Manuel Merino: guitar. ..Daniel Ferrero: drums.

  • .12 AULLIDOS ..The Discography Album.. LP.. ..AVAILABLE IN EUROPE FROM ......PUTOJEFE RECORDS........ "Too heavy to be tagged screamo, too all over the place and drawn out in composition to have the concise impact of power-violence, and too modern and freaky in attack to be labeled simply "hardcore". Spain's 12 AULLIDOS steal elements from all these genres, leaving the closest comparison to possibly be IN/HUMANITY. The quiet moody bridges and odd feedback breaks are sandwiched between unrelenting, "all cylinders firing" torrential waves of thrash, and slathered start to finish with screaming vocals. These nine tracks collect their 1999-2004 output from a limited debut EP, which is significantly burlier with the new mastering. Also includes three unreleased, comparatively bare-boned, raw recordings (but no less impact-laden). Nice new painted cover, a blasting release." --Ken Sanderson, ..MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL.. Magazine, issue 289, June 2007... .. "This is the vinyl version of the CD release on Six Weeks a few years ago containing their lone EP and two other tunes, though they've added [3 unreleased songs] for this LP release. This band from Spain played destructive power-violence, though the songs are a bit longer than usual for that genre. You know the drill, slow building sludge erupts into blitzing fast thrash with sop-on-a-dime stops. These guys were far from being just PV clones though as there is a lot of originality in the song writing, bolstered all around by a strong studio recording... and the artwork is excellent." --..SHORT FAST & LOUD.. Magazine, issue 17, April 2007... .. ..12 AULLIDOS LP DISTRIBUTED IN THE U.S.A. BY NO IDEA, HAVOC RECORDS, C.A.H. DISTRIBUTION AND STICK FIGURE..... 12 AULLIDOS LP DISTRIBUTED IN THE U.K. BY LOONY TUNES RECORDS.. .... "Sólo el vinilo de 180 gr. podría soportar la atronadora música del probablemente mejor grupo de emoviolence de este país. Señoras y señores, 12 Aullidos, desde Fuengirola (Málaga), la mezcla perfecta de power y emoviolence. Tan cerdos como Combat Wounded Veteran. Tan profundos como Uranus. Tan veloces como Infest. Densos y extensos, ésta es la discografía que incluye el CD editado por Six Weeks (el cual, a su vez, incluía el descatalogado 7” más dos canciones inéditas) y 3 canciones inéditas nunca antes editadas, masterizadas para la ocasión al estilo costa sur fiesta violencia y completado por una genial y sangrienta ilustración. 12 Aullidos siempre marcando estilo. " --Existencia. .. .. .. .. ...... ....12 AULLIDOS CD.. ..AVAILABLE IN EUROPE FROM ......PUTOJEFE RECORDS.... .. .."Killing hardcore from Spain that fuses power violence, old school HC and touches of modern hardcore heaviness! Slow disturbed interludes erupt into violent storms of thrash. This band is head and shoulders above anyone else in this genre. This disc has their hard to find self released EP as well as 2 unreleased gems. Also includes CDROM live gig footage." --Mordam. .. .. ..12 AULLIDOS CD DISTRIBUTED IN THE U.S.A. BY SIX WEEKS RECORDS.. .. .... .. ...... ....12 AULLIDOS ..Busca y Captura.. 7".. ..2ND PRESS AVAILABLE FROM ..PUTOJEFE RECORDS....... "This is a really good record. Blistering hardcore and crazed screaming that is strained and powerful. The lyrics and singing are in Spanish, so I really don't know what they are singing about, but fuck they go off. Aggressive and painful. Intense, harsh, and well done." --Kent McClard, ..HEARTATTACK.. Magazine, issue 31. .. .. .. .. ...... ....12 AULLIDOS ..s/t.. 7".. ..OUT ON ..CGS THRASH RECORDS.... 500 copies on black wax, 25 copies on brown wax. ..SOLD OUT...... "Crazy hardcore that does not disappoint! This was my pleasant surprise for this issue. 12 Aullidos play energetic music that is part thrash and part layered hardcore. Their sound is comparable to bands like Reversal of Man, Combat Wounded Veteran, Encyclopedia of American Traitors, or Orchid. The four songs on this 7" are fast, full, frantic and fun!" --Lisa Oglesby, ..HEARTATTACK.. Magazine, issue 24. ..
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